5 Steps To Keep Your Job And Get Ahead In 2019

5 Steps To Keep Your Job And Get Ahead In 2019

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We ended 2018 with the government shutdown, and welcomed 2019 with the government shutdown.

Many are effected, government employees are working without pay, some are pleading with landlords not to evict them, and maybe you’re feeling grateful for the job that you have and kept your New Year resolutions simple, like, simply holding on to the job that you currently have.

We've got tips for that! Check out how to keep your job and get ahead.


Be at Work On-time

Seems like simple enough advice, but arriving to work on-time becomes a challenge when you’re doing work that doesn’t fulfill you. Staying in a job you hate is over. Securing a job you love and look forward to waking up to is in. And getting to work on time should start long before it’s time to log-in.

A good night routine allows for more efficient mornings. Shower at night, plan what you’ll wear the next day, and lay it all out, even your shoes and jewelry. Having an idea of what you’ll eat for breakfast can only help too.

Getting to work on-time isn’t just for your employer’s benefit, but yours too. You avoid feeling rushed which could set the tone for your whole day. You want to be your best self at work and assure your boss that she or he hired the best person for the job.

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Look the part

We love the fact that work wardrobes are becoming much more relaxed in a lot of industries, but you still want to take seriously what you wear while also taking advantage of a relaxed wardrobe perk.

This fact remains: how you appear says a lot about you, still, as well as your attitude towards your job. You also need to keep in mind looking the part for your next role in the company!

Go above and beyond

Employers expect you to go above and beyond, and strictly sticking to your job description won’t get you far or help you keep your job. Since you’re expected to give more — and your direct reports will pay attention — get enough sleep at night, establish regular self-care routines, even at work.

Keep healthy and energizing snacks at your desk to combat the mid-afternoon slump, and bring your whole self to the job along with your A-game.


Level up

What got you in the door won’t keep you there. Make yourself irreplaceable by learning to do tasks well that others usually avoid; tasks that supervisors will take note of when you’re the one taking the initiative to do what others won’t.

Take advantage of advancement opportunities the company provides, like on-the-job training and employer-sponsored workshops that can help you bring more to the table.

Let your boss know you’re interested in opportunities to learn more so they can alert you of when something comes up. Who knows, you may even find yourself traveling!

Let your boss know you’re interested in learning opportunities so you’ll among the first to know when something comes up, but you don’t have to wait on your supervisor. Check out sites like Coursera, Lynda, Skillshare, and Codecademy.


Know the rules

The rules — and the unwritten rules — is one of the main reasons A Woman’$ Worth was born. Knowing the rules to “The Game” not only help you to keep your job, but advance in your job too. Many of the rules like general company policies common to all workplaces, you already know. However, unwritten rules vary from workplace to workplace. You never want assume acceptable behavior at a previous employer is acceptable at your new place of work.

What steps have you taken to keep your job and level up?

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