4 Companies That Support Working From Home

4 Companies That Support Working From Home

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Want to work-from-home, but your boss won't budge? These four major companies will help you achieve that #pjsasallday life!


Careers can thrive from home, and has for more than 8000 of Xerox's home-based employees for more than 30 years. Yep, the flex life isn’t new. People have been taking control of their work lives for years. Xerox’s "Virtual Office Program" offers a variety of positions from administrative support to tech support. The "Heroes@Home" program hires qualified veterans and military spouses for work-from-home opportunities, too, including leadership roles—all from home!


Creative types can find freedom, work happy, and make a difference in women's lives as a Stich Fix Stylist. The personal style service that caters to an individual's tastes, needs and lifestyle by merging technology and personal styling hires part-time remote stylists from Cleveland to San Francisco. You'll also be joining an engaged community of stylists who share your love of the flex life.

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If you know, or even own an Apple product (or five!), consider the "Apple at Home Advisor" program. When customers have questions about their Apple device, you'll be the person they talk to. Paid training and equipment, which includes an iMac, is provided, benefits like paid time away—even if you work part-time—are on the table, and opportunities to advance into higher positions like the At Home Team Manager and At Home Area Manager positions are possible. 


There are tons of jobs on the internet claiming to be THE work-from-home dream opportunity, but many of those are actually scams. FlexJobs does the research for you, and only posts vetted part-time, telecommuting and freelance jobs to its site in a wide range of industries. With the Better Business Bureau's seal of approval, you can apply to legit flexible opportunities that interest you worry-free. There is a fee to use the site, but worth it when you consider the possibility of no more long commutes, setting your own schedule, and living life on your terms.

What companies didn't make the list but should have? 

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