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7 New Career Platforms You Should Know About

7 New Career Platforms You Should Know About

Women face unique challenges when it comes to work. Some have taken a career break and are ready to rejoin the workforce, but meet challenges when trying to do so, there's the very REAL problem of a person's name, something one usually has no control over, preventing their resumes from even getting read, and the whole work/life balance issue that's been a forever saga.

The good news:  there are new women-led career sites that have recenty emerged that are taking on the tough challenges facing women in the workplace, and providing solutions.


Probably one of the more horrible things we've heard that one can unknowingly be a victim of during the job search is having their resume rejected because of the ethnic sounding name attached to it. This, and other discriminatory practices (unconscious  bias?) job hunters encounter, is what Blendoor, merit-based job matching technology, was created to work against. To cut down on unconscious bias, Blendoor also hides photos, too, giving a job applicant the best chance to land a position based on what you bring to the table and nothing but. 


Women looking to re-enter the work world after taking a break for some time is what career platform Après assists with, whether you're looking for full-time, part-time or project-based gigs. With many women choosing to take career breaks to stay home with the kiddies a few years, see some world and gain some experiences, it can be challenging re-joining the work world after having been out of it for some time.

Après helps make the process easier by offering access to coaches and learning tools, and, what we love the most is that you don't have to chose between your career, your family or your life—you can have it all— with their offering of part-time and project-based opportunites because #thefutureisflexible. 

Après helps you ease back into the working world with flexible opportunities that help you get closer to the ever-elusive work/life balance, as well as  helping you to jump back into full-time work if that's the goal. 


A custom career success plan mapped out specifically for you is the mission of Landit. Your career journey isn't just a business as usual situation. It's personal. And the folks at Landit know this. This is why creating "personalized playbooks" for those looking to take on more responsibility and get further in their career (faster?) A personalized playbook includes... Created by... and... 


All about that freelance life? There's a talent-matching company you should know about.  Emissaries connects experienced freelancers, "super temps" and consultants with companies who want to work with them. It's free for freelancers to use Emissaries, and you set your own rates, don't have to worry about project-bidding, and Emissaries doesn't take a cut from what freelancers earn.

Freelancers should have in-demand skills, and 5-plus years of industry-expertise. If you've worked for a Fortune 500 company, or a cool startup, and have skills employers value today, APPLY and get your freelance life on!


We declare #TheFutureIsFlexible here! So, it should be no surprise that we are absolutely on Team Werk, a job marketplace full of opportunities offering  pre-negotiated flexible full-time and part-time senior level opportunities. I mean, you don't even have to negotiate to get the flex-time—it's done for you! 

Werk believes work isn't working for women, and we agree! Many women have opt-out of the workforce because of it. Fortunately, many conversations are now happening around this topic. But, Werk is doing something about it, not just talking about it. Werk's model helps retain talented women in the market with jobs that match their skills.

Yas, gawd, the future is not only feminine, it's flexible, too!


Another hiring platform for women dear to our flexible work loving hearts is Power to Fly, the answer for women who want to connect with companies who value gender diversity and inclusion, an important part of Power to Fly's mission, and who need/want to work remotely to devote more time to motherhood or live the digital nomad lifestyle. Even Power to Fly's staff is remote! Power to Fly community members have worked with companies like Buzzfeed and Hearst, and have landed remote jobs in marketing, customer service, sales and especially technology. 


The flexible options for women who need to be in charge of their schedules is growing. Fact: many women are leaving the workforce for various reasons, and many more want, or plan to in the future. The Second Shift is building a platform for women who want to work, but also want more room in their lives for other things, and is working with companies who embrace this. 

The Second Shift keeps talented and highly skilled professional women with  marketing and finance backgrounds working on their terms through flexible employment options offered on the site. J.Crew and are among the companies that have hired through The Second Shift.


What sites have helped you in your career?

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