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3 Money-Saving Apps You Don't Know About but Should!

3 Money-Saving Apps You Don't Know About but Should!

Adulting just got easier with these personal finance apps! Try them for your shopping, saving and everyday banking needs.


Clipping and saving coupons is passΓ©. The Honey app has made the online shopping experience sweeter! Honey is a tool you plug into your browser that keeps up with valid coupon codes and sales so you don't have to. The one click button convenience displays available coupon codes and sales your favorite retailers are running, and applies available discounts on the checkout page. You'll love knowing that if there are discounts available, you won't miss them. All you do is show and shop!


When you and friends are out to dinner, Tab helps speed along that awkward feeling of who pays for what when the waiter brings the check with everyones meal charged to it. Tab won't do anything about the awkward feeling, but it can determine what portion of the bill belongs to who, getting it paid quickly, efficiently and fairly. With Tab, you simply snap a pic of the receipt, and everyone taps what they ordered. Tab calculates each portion of the bill, including tax and tip. 


A bank that isn't interested in gaining from its customers financial mishaps?... Simple, where have you been all of my money life?! Simple is... Fee-free ATMs, no overdraft, minimum or monthly fees, and your savings, budgeting and spending happens in one app. This progressive banking comes with an attached Visa card that doesn't charge fees when used. No funny banking here.

Which finance apps are housed on your home screen?


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