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6 Tips To Turn Your Internship Into A Real Job

6 Tips To Turn Your Internship Into A Real Job

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Even if you are the intern on the bottom rung looking up, know that being an intern is your superpower and your key to the job offering in the future. Following are 5 tips to help turn that internship into a real job—the real job of your dreams!


As an intern, you not only know the company, you also know the company culture. And, through your internship, you're familiar with what the the different roles around you entail. Keep soaking up as much knowledge as you can, from how all the roles come together to run the company to  the actual job you want. Stay in-the-know about your industry by reading the latest books and keeping up with current news and trends. Make it easy by  setting up Google alerts, or follow key topics using the Flipboard app. 


Your internship is an opportunity for those with the power to hire you as much as it's an opportunity for you because they get to see your passion and talents up close. And sharing your goals only makes it easy for the right opportunities to find you. When the people that can make things happen for you know what you want and see what you can do makes them more comfortable about hiring you on for a permanent position down the road. So bring your intern A game, and show that you're worthy of being considered for a bigger role by working the hell out of the opportunity you currently have—your internship. 


Check moods at the revolving doors and remain professional no matter what's going on at school, the office, or in your personal life. It's all about that emotional intelligence. 



We know the path to success isn't always laid out anymore, especially with new fields emerging. So don't hesitate to set-up informational interviews with those in positions you can see yourself in. Ask them how they got where they are today, and what unwritten or new rules you should know about. Being a student is another power you might not be aware of, and should help you in getting the people you're interested in to actually meet-up with you. People want to share their knowledge and have a part in guiding the generation coming up behind them, so use your student status and eagerness to learn to your advantage. 


Put your stamp on something—and on the minds of hiring managers! You do this not only by performing your intern to-dos with excellence, but by going above and beyond the duties assigned to you. See what you can do to help those you work with. Is your direct report working on a big project that has the potential to shine a bright light on her? See what you can do to help her get that shine. She'll remember how your talents helped her gain visibility and maybe even a promotion or raise which could gain you a mentor and a sponsor, too! 


There's a chance you might not be invited to a permanent position at the end of your internship or after graduation, but that doesn't mean the game is over. Show you're continued dedication by offering to contribute to the company in some way. If you have some intel on a competitor or some industry news that could be beneficial, let 'em know! You could also freelance. This has been known to lead to permanent positions. When a position opens up that matches your skills, you'll most likely be among the first they think of calling because they already know your abilities, you're tenacity, and more than capable of handling the job. Maybe they will even create a position for you because they just need you back on the team. Hey, it's happened! 


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