6 Reasons We Are In Love With LinkedIn!

6 Reasons We Are In Love With LinkedIn!

LinkedIn, the social network well known as the platform for professionals looking for full-time employment, has been stepping up to serve an emerging new workforce: the independent workforce made up of freelancers, independent contractors and creative entrepreneurs. The year 2020 will see 40 percent of Americans working independently, according to Intuit, and LinkedIn has responded with new tools to help anyone, whether you're a coporate profefessional, entrepreneur, freelancer or remote worker, achieve their professional goals in this new world of work.

Following are five new reasons we've fell in-love with LinkedIn all over again. 


You've heard about the growing independent workforce made up of freelancers, independent contractors, creatives, and entrepreneurs, right? Well, the folks at LinkedIn have heard as well, and have been paying attention to the needs of this new creative class. Known for being the professional network for professionals looking for full-time employment, LinkedIn built ProFinder so freelancers and independent contractors have a robust place to connect with those who are looking to hire them. Profinder is ideal for those who have skills in diverse areas, from writing to wellness.

ProFinder also provides tips to help you get notice by people with the power to put money in your pocket while you work from anywhere. Since working independently is still a new concept for many, LinkedIn's CEO, Jeff Weiner, advises to use both the LinkedIn network and Profinder simultaneously to increase efforts in landing skills-matching opportunities. ProFinder is free to use, and perfect for the digital nomads in the world. 

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There's nothing wrong with being open to new and better opportunities. Still, you don't want your current employer knowing how wide open (or that you're open at all) you are, risking the gig you currently. LinkedIn understands the struggle! That's why they've created Open Candidates, allowing you to let others know that you're interested in new opportunities without your current employer finding out.

Open Candidates privately alerts recruiters while LinkedIn hides the signal from recruiters from the company you're currently working for. It's simple and easy as LinkedIn does all of the work for you. Just access and activate the signal from your "Preferences." This feature is now available in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia on desktop and mobile. We're glad the folks at LinkedIn understand that it's only smart to be open to greater opportunities, as well as the need to be open to them on the low-low! 

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You can always find a millennial on their smartphone. It's one reason LinkedIn has created the LinkedIn Students app so students can begin the process of finding opportunities and possibly launching their future as they travel from class to class. The app, available on both Android and iPhone, can set you up for success before you step off the campus and if you've recently graduated. 


Free for any LinkedIn member in the U.S. Canada and the U.K., LinkedIn Salary lets you anonymously submit and view salary information across fields. What we probably love most about it is that you can look up data about the salaries of other users with the same job and in the same location, and filter by years of experience, education. LinkedIn Salary is different from other salary calculators because users can see why other professionals with the same role and similar roles might have different salaries.  Data like this can empower you when it comes time to negotiate for higher pay. 

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Smart is always sexy here, and gaining new skills to stay current in your industry, or to enter a whole new one, is just as important to those at LinkedIn as it is to us. Recently, the job giant acquired, which offers thousands of video courses so you can learn most tech, creative and business skills that are in-demand, and launched LinkedIn Learning.

The new platform will continue to make available all courses, and new courses are available for platforms for $29.99 per month, or $300 annually. Things are always changing, and that's a small price to pay to keep your skills fresh! It sure beats racking up four years of college debt only to find out your skills are just about obsolete by the time you graduate, ijs. There will also be free courses offered on the site that are taught by influencers handpicked by LinkedIn. The goal, according to the CEO Jeff Weiner, is to close the skills gap, a last effort in a long journey to LinkedIn updating its site and services for the modern and future worker.

Do you use LinkedIn? Why or why not?

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