Friday, January 25, 2013

The Book in My Bag: Mean Girls at Work: How to Stay Professional when Things Get Personal

She can make your dream job a nightmare. She can make you question the skills and abilities you've paid (and probably still paying) good money to acquire. She makes you question your worth and your self-worth. What's worse, she can negatively affect your health and well-being. Who is she? She's the mean girl at work, and she doesn't work alone. There are several types of mean girls, and bestselling authors Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster wants you to know and have each one of them under your radar.

From the "Meanest of Mean" to the "She Doesn't Know She's Mean" types, the authors' offer practical ways to help you cope with and conquer each of the type of mean girls they cover. Their "Don't Go There" process cautions against ways in which you don't want to retaliate. Provided, instead, are tips for calling out your co-worker on her particular mean in ways that are not self-sabotaging and detrimental to your success.

What I Learned from Reading this Book
My "aha" moment was learning a mean girl doesn't always operate in overt ways. Her tactics are not always obvious, but can be rather subtle. You may sense that there's some hate in the air, leaving you feeling that all is not well in the work world, whether the kind of mean is a co-worker withholding important information from you, or she says "yes" to you working on a project along side her when you know--and she knows she really wants to say "no." These are two situations I've once found myself in when I worked in corporate America, and the authors do address what to do in each of these situations. They call this "Passively Mean." Who knew my mean girl had a name?!

It was nice to learn that I was not just simply sipping too much coffee, resulting in being way too wired and hyper-aware of nothing.

Why You Need this Book
Whether you're a recent grad, new on the job or are a more seasoned employee, chances are you will or have already come across one or more of the mean girls Crowley and Elster writes about. When you're feeling victimized on the job, and don't know if you should bring the situation to your supervisor's attention, it could make you sick, affect your job performance, even turn you into a mean girl too--all of which can determine your success both professionally and personally.

Mean Girls at Work: How to Stay Professional when Things Get Personal is available at

           How did you handle a mean girl at your job?

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Anonymous said...

Stilling trying to tolerate her, I haope I don't lash out soon. But thanks for d referal I will read d book.

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