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Friday, August 5, 2016

Click Worthy: Career Coach, Career Counselor or Career Services?

Ever wondered what the difference is between a career coach and a career counselor?... Whether they're worth the time and money? And, if they are, which one is best for helping you manage your career? Maybe you've asked yourself how do you get the most out of your campus career services center--a question I've often asked myself in undergrad.

We've rounded up some Click Worthy links for the weekend to help you get the answers to all of these questions!

Friday, July 1, 2016

7 Books to Take to the Beach this Summer

Beach season is in! And so is the time to be lazy, lay out, soak up some summer, and get lost in a good book. Check out our list of current favorite reads written by smart women, featuring smart women navigating the challenges that come with work, love and life in general. We'll let the authors explain. 
Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Millennial Career Coach Jacqueline Twillie Helps Make Negotiating a Success

I truly, truly love a woman who has a passion for the success of other women, and works tirelessly to help them become the success they want to be in work and in life. One such woman is Jacqueline Twillie, Atlanta-based author and career coach who has worked closely with hiring managers of Fortune 500 companies, assisted numerous professionals in helping them to land new jobs, and showing up to speak at places from Georgia Tech to the General Assembly. Jacqueline has taken up an important mission: to help eliminate the gender wage gap.

I've had the pleasure of working with Jacqueline in helping to bring awareness of the importance of getting all of your coins and earning your worth, and I knew that I had to have a chat with her here on A Woman'$ Worth. Especially when she unveiled a new tool to help women better prepare for one of the most nerve-wrecking must-dos of their careers: negotiating. It's something Jacqueline, like a lot of us, once didn't even know she should be doing at all. 
Thursday, May 19, 2016

11 Podcasts by Smart Women for Your College to Career Transition

Podcasts have increasingly become a go-to source of information and inspiration for me whether I'm at home or on the go. I wish women were podcasting their experiences, advice and how-tos when I first entered the working world, but I'm glad it's happening for women everywhere now! If you're graduating this spring, you need sources that can help you navigate the transition from college to career, whether you'll be taking on an internship or two to help boost your work experience, seeking an entry-level position in your field of study, aiming for self-employment, or even taking some well-deserved time off.

The 13 women featured here are the voices behind some of our favorite podcasts, and we highlight a few of their recordings we think you should download right now...
Thursday, May 5, 2016
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